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Espelho, espelho, vem já e me diz
Quem é a mais irrefletida de todo o país?
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An interesting interview of Jean-Marie Le Pen, father of Marine Le Pen, the presidential candidate for the election in France, has gone unnoticed for many.

In a The Sunday Times article from May 7, 2017, the day of the election in France, father Le Pen stated about his daughter that although “she has character“, one “also needs other qualities as president of France“, and thus characterized his own daughter as unfit for office. In contrast, he praised his 28-year-old granddaughter Marion Maréchal and his just two-year-old granddaughter Olympe, of whom he said that he “can imagine that in 30 years, she can become president“.

The 88-year-old was probably rightly so fired in 2015 by his own daughter Marine Le Pen from the Fronte National Party after his comments about the Holocaust, and which according to his entirely own view had apparently not been a noteworthy event of the Second World War.

He described his daughter as “Burgois“ in the interview, and said that the relationships with her had already become difficult when she moved out of the large family estate in the rich Paris suburb.

According to Jean-Marie Le Pen, Marine accused him of one of his dogs killing their cat and then eating it: “If the dog licked someone's hand, it was their dog, if they bite someone, it was always my dogs,“ the 88-year-old said.

After Marine Le Pen had reached the second round of the presidential election, her father sent her a text message: “Bravo Marine! The hardest part is yet to come.“ To this message she has not reported back yet, reported father Le Pen.

He called his daughter ill-advised for her disappointing TV duel with Macron, and in which she attempted to psychologically attack her opponent. But Macron survived the attacks - with the help of tranquilizers, as Jean-Marie Le Pen says: “He [Macron] was apparently chemically protected: there was this inexplicable calmness around him.“

Did Macron receive his inexplicably calmness in the TV duel possibly through the advice of his wife, who is 24 years older then him ?

Being a minor at school, Macron fell in love with one of his teachers but who was already married with two children. A dramatic love story began during which she asked him to better move to Paris. But it did not help, she got divorced and married 24 years younger Emanuel, who could be her son - and she his mother.

One is almost be reminded of the tragedy of King Oedipus, in which the protagonist tries to escape the prophecy of the oracle and tragically causes the catastrophe

«You do not scare me with your T-shirt. The best way to afford a suit is to get employment.»
«But I am dreaming of having work, Monsieur Macron!»
Macron talking to people in the crowd in southern France

just because of that.

Macron went to the typical French elite schools in Paris, began his career as a brilliant investment banker, became Minister of Economic Affairs under Hollande, and founded his own political movement "En Marche!", which existed virtually only on paper and on bank accounts so far.

If the election in France from May 7, 2017 had been a decision of such great political importance for Europe, then the family tragedies behind them should make everyone in Europe ask themselves whether it would not have been better to leave the French presidency to toddlers like two-year-old Le Pen granddaughter Olympe, maybe.

In that way one could also help Chancellor Angela Merkel to finally realize her in-born, but never actually realized motherhood at EU summits and state visits in France.

And as the creamy culmination on this moving day for Europe - the icing of the cake so to say -, Pope Francis weighted in and said the following during his Regina Coeli address from May 7, 2017 in Rome:

“It is not always easy to identify the voice of the Good Shepherd. There is always the danger of the robber, the false shepherd ... There is always the danger of being distracted by the many other inner voices“. The Pope suggested “not to be distracted from the false wisdom of this world, but to follow Jesus the Risen, the only sure guidance that gives meaning to our lives.

Not so long ago, the statements from Pope Francis made no sense at all in this regard, for example when he chatted about someone special while being in the clouds:

“Thank God that he [Trump] said that I am a political person because Aristotle defines men as political animals. At least I am a human being. Someone who only thinks about building walls, wherever they may be, and not building bridges, is not a Christian

It seems as if this May 7, 2017 truly wanted to find out who he would be the one with the greatest inability of self-reflection among Europe's elites.

Almost like in the fairy tale Snow White where the evil queen repeatedly asks the mirror on the wall who would be the most beautiful in the land: “Queen, thou art of beauty rare“ the mirror answers, “but Snow-white living in the glen with the seven little men is a thousand times more fair !“

Or, referring to May 7, 2017, maybe something like this: “Ms. Le Pen, you are unreflective rare, but Pope Francis, over the mountains, in the eternal city of the seven hills, and with the help of Macron and Merkel is a thousand times more unreflective !“

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Este artigo é inteiramente criado e escrito por Martin D., um jornalista de investigação acreditado e independente da Europa. Tem um MBA de uma Universidade dos EUA e um Bacharelato em Sistemas de Informação e trabalhou no início da sua carreira como consultor nos EUA e na UE. Ele não trabalha para, não consulta, não possui acções ou não recebe financiamento de qualquer empresa ou organização que beneficiaria deste artigo até à data.

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