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The Health Apostel

About Dr. Fauci and Jesuit formations

The Open Letter

Cardinal Vigano's letter to the US President

The Art of Deception

About Michelangelo and The Sixtine Chapel

An image full of wonders

About stars, missing pigments, and digital 1600 pixel per square millimeter zooms

An urgently needed Pope change

About pervert attitudes and productive dialogues

We are saying 'Merry Christmas' again

An according to Pope Francis only wall building 'un-christ', talking about the protection of religion


About the connection between Pope Francis and George Soros

A new way of becoming a celebrity

About how Pope Francis turned into an American Football fan

A Deafening Silence

About an expressive quietness of Pope Francis

The women´s Vatican

About the feminine manipulations of the Vatican elites

What Pope-Posters from Rome teach us

About left-liberal church elites and their biased media

A tragic bishop from Munich

About A.I. and the church social romantics

A Poor Catholic Meal

About the empty bread basket on the other side of the street

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