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From Washington with Love

About an American indictment and the Church in England

Royal Courts of Wirecard

About a Wirecard Lawsuit and Quantum Physics

Blaming Russia with Boomerang

About the biggest political scandal in the history of the United States

The Walter Luebcke Case

About a Germanic prosecutorial murderfest

Ursula's Bleach Bits

About Ursula von der Leyen's defense ministry scandals

Saving Lieutenant Mueller

About how a decorated Vietnam war hero turned into the head of a political terror unit

Arabella's Advice

About a political network funded with billions and an opera by Richard Strauss

Gambling detectives

About one armed bandits in Las Vegas and the FBI 2.0

A Motion to Seal

About a judiciary supremacy that stinks to high heaven

The Congress Contempt

About a potential open door jail invitation

It was a scandal then and is a scandal now

The Clinton E-Mails on unsecured computers

I did not ask him what he meant by ´that thing´

Lies and falses from Washington, DC

The Democratic Neglection Committee

About an election robbery and a mysterious death

The Kinder-Robber-Klan

About a Munich justice scandal and corrupt advocates for children

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