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The Walter Luebcke Case
About a Germanic prosecutorial murderfest
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The Walter Luebcke Case

Many are familiar with the famous Oktoberfest in Munich, which attracts millions of visitors every year. Wild beer parties with cozy brass music and the one or the other theater performance by drunken festival goers can always be seen there. However, almost noone would have expected that a murder of a well-known German politician in 2019 would turn into a not unlike criminal media festival in Germany.

Luebcke found dead


German politician Walter Luebcke was found dead outside his home on June 2, 2019 with a gun wound near his ear. Local police and state attorneys begin investigating the case immediately.

First Suspect


A man is arrested on June 8, 2019 and who had a close private relationship with Walter Luebcke, based on phone records.

Friends & Family


A friend of Luebcke's son is arrested two days later en vacation route when setting over to a German North Sea island. A squad team, 30 policemen plus police helicopter catch the man and two other suspects on June 10, 2019. All are released two days later.

Extensive Investigations


Special investigators ask the public for help, also through nationwide TV reports. Tapes from a nearby local festival are investigated, the police calls on Luebcke's 900 people hometown for help, asks if someone had heard a gunshot.

Evidence altered ?


Multiple news outlets (Spiegel, Bild) report that evidence had allegedly been altered, state that a medical responder at the murder site had moved the dead body, among other.

AG Takeover


On June 17, 2019, Germany's Federal Attorney General Office takes over the investigation and arrests a person named Stefan E. after having found DNA traces on the dead politician's clothes.

Right-Wing Extremists


The murder is labelled 'right-wing extremist motivated' ever since, Germany's Federal Attorney General Office releases multiple videos and soon detains another 'right-wing extremist aide' of Stefan E.

Mass Media


Germany's mainstream media outlets - supported by droplets from Germany's Federal AG - report on the murder and the suspect extensively at least once a month, reminding their audience again and again of the 'right-wing extremist motivated murder' of Walter Luebcke. High ranking politicians tune in regularly.

Political Exploitation


It takes almost 11 months (!) for Germany's Federal Attorney General to finally issue an indictment (not conviction !) on April 29, 2020 against the suspect Stefan E. and his aide Markus H. for alleged murder. The case is exploited periodically by Germany's mainstream media during that time.

On June 2, 2019, a regional politician named Walter Luebcke was found dead at the age of 65 on the lawn in front of his house with a bullet wound to his head. The local police and public prosecutor's office in Kassel immediately begin criminal investigations. A few days later, on June 8, 2019, a first suspect is arrested because the man had a "close relationship" with Walter Luebcke, based on the many electronic conversations with the dead politician.

Two days later, on June 8, 2019, a friend of Luebcke's son is arrested en vacation route to a North Sea island. A team of 30 police officers plus helicopter arrest the man before boarding a ferry, including two other suspects. All three are released again only two days later.

Special investigators ask the residents of Lübcke's town for help. Recordings of various surveillance cameras from a festival that took place nearby at the time of Lübcke's death are examined. Nationwide television shows call on witnesses to report to the local police.

Meanwhile, two large media outlets, the Spiegel and also the Bild newspaper, report that evidence at the murder scene had been altered by a first aider and who was even arrested by the police. The two parents of this first aider had also been interrogated and/or arrested, according to a witness.

On June 17, 2019, the anniversary of the political uprising of 1953 in the former East German nation, the Federal Attorney General in Karlsruhe took over the case. A few days later a person named 'Stefan E.' is arrested because of his DNA traces which allegedly had been found on the dead politician's clothes.

The arrested Stefan E. previously was connected to the extreme right-wing scene and had also engaged in acts of violence, according to the Federal Attorney General. He had distanced himself from the scene for a number of years while he was a family father. However, after separating from wife and children, he allegedly went back into the extreme right-wing scene and committed the murder of Walter Luebcke more or less out of nothing and allegedly in revenge over Luebcke's so-called "controversial statements" about the German government's immigration policy, as can be seen here:

A few weeks later, the Federal Attorney General announced that a companion of 'Stefan E.' named 'Markus H.' was arrested, he allegedly was also connected to the extreme right-wing scene. A couple of videos are being published and distributed to the press, which, according to the Federal Attorney General, confirm the engagements of the two supects in the extreme right-wing German scene.

From now on, the murder of Walter Luebcke is labelled as 'extreme right-wing motivated'. High-ranking politicians tune in periodically, commenting on the right-wing motivated murder and social media statements again and again. The German mainstream media also reports periodically and extensively about the right-wing extremist motivated murder of Walter Luebcke, not limited to holidays and other official occasions.

Ironically, it takes almost eleven months (11 !) for the Federal Attorney General to finally issue an indictment - not conviction (!) - against the two suspects Stefan E. and Markus H. During this time the right-wing motivated murder is - as mentioned - extensively reported on in many German mainstream media - also before various state elections - in a manner that is suspiciously motivated by political exploitations of an apparently tragic German politician murder case from eleven months ago.

Walter Luebcke would probably turn around in his grave if he knew about these circumstances, and maybe would advise to have the one or other person responsible for this obvious Germanic prosecutorial murderfest fired immediately.

Not unsimilar to overly drunk people at the Oktoberfest in Munich:

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