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About Wirecard's financial auditors and the chess game
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mRNA vaccines can have dangerous side effects

COVID vaccines from BioNTech and Pfizer can have potentially life threatening side effects.
Sun Article  
"The lymphcyte levels started to fall already after 24 hours. People are at very high risk to develop a disease during that one week. Actually, they should be kept in a quarantine facility for that one week, because it can be very dangerous when the lymphocytes levels are that low."
"There is proof of all the foreign interference into our election, showing exactly who stole the vote, how they stole it, from which computers, which computers they went into, cybersecurity experts put all this in place before the election even started."

Italian IT Director makes sworn testimony

Leonardo IT Director testifies he was ordered "by instructions of US embassy personnel in Rome to manipulate US election data in favour of Joe Biden."
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Brilliant Consultants

About Wirecard's financial auditors and the chess game

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