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What Really Happened
About Hillary Clintons latest book - and about what else had happened
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What Really Happened

For certain, famous politicians enjoy writing books. Even Hillary Clinton is no exception, and so in early September 2017 her publishers announced that her book will be titled with "What happened“.

The former presidential candidate will try to uncover in her outwardly friendly and uninhibited way what she believes has helped Donald Trump win the election in November 2016. The book will present plenty of personal impressions and will explain how the election result came across. The name of the author seems to be more important than the content in this book itself and when reading it, one quickly may come to realize that the book is more a vehicle to fill up the Clinton bank accounts again, rather than providing for serious facts.

Nonetheless, there is plenty of exciting material which the failed politician could write about in her books even today, trying to finally answer the nagging questions of many people. We could be of help to Hillary Clinton. In fact, it had started many many years ago...

People die. That's just how it is. Unfortunately, far too many in traffic accidents involving cars, planes, and other mobile vehicles. There are also the many sad cases of murders all over the world, someone is being killed for all sorts of alleged reasons.

However, the many plane crashes, murders, and suicides of people who had been around Bill and Hillary Clinton over the past decades are crying out to be unveiled and to be dealt with, even though the Clintons had to work with a vast number of people in their career - and of course are not automatically responsible for each death related to one of their ex-co-workers and associates.

Ron Brown

For example, there is the case of Ron Brown, the first African American to serve as Secretary of Commerce during Bill Clinton's first term. Brown died in April 1996 in a plane crash in Dubrovnik. He was involved in a scandal surrounding the sale of the Long Beach Naval military base to the Chinese Army shortly before his death, as sale which was later banned by the FBI. He did not immediately answer the questions of a Committee Commission regarding this matter in 1996, but instead decided to fly to Croatia. At a meeting with Bill Clinton at the White House, Ron Brown was said to have been outraged and mentioned that “he would not go down alone“. Soon after he boarded the plane.

The aircraft crashed at around 2pm against a small hill next to the beginning of the runway. The previous five airplanes reported no landing problems. The weather practically did not matter. The pilots did not send a single warning or alarm signal before the crash. There had been no black box or cockpit recorder in the Air Force military machine according to official reports.

Only survivor among 34 dead people is Sgt. Shelley Kelly, two children, married, very professional and attractive flight attendant; at the time of the accident she was in the back of the plane. Exactly four hours and twenty minutes after the crash, special forces of the Croatian army reach the accident site. They find Shelly Kelly alive. But a little later, while being in a helicopter flight to a hospital, she suddenly dies - officially by a cut of the femoral artery.

Shortly after the accident, US authorities order all 35 dead bodies to be burned to ashes.

As if all of this would not already be wondrous enough, the happenings become even more breath-taking when not just any air traffic controller, but the head of the entire air traffic control of just this airport in Dubrovnik, Niko Jerkuić, is found dead in his home on April 8, 1996 with a bullet in his chest - exactly five days after the airplane crash with Ron Brown and many others on board. The Bosnian police report states that it was suicide, details of it have not been unveiled by the local police in Dubrovnik until today. US authorities decide not to investigate the matter.

On September 12, 1996, about five months after the disaster, Robert Kenneth Dornan, a Republican Congressman and member of the National Security Committee has the word in front of the US Congress. Former Air Force pilot Dornan speaks for an hour about scandals in the Clinton administration and also expresses his thoughts about the plane crash and the death of Shelly Kelly - which he personally knew - below page H10359.

Bill Shelton and Kathy Ferguson

During a sexual harassment lawsuit of Paula Jones from 1994, an important witness died. This witness in the Paula Jones lawsuit against US President Bill Clinton was Kathy Ferguson, ex-wife of Danny Ferguson, an Arkansas State Trooper who - according to Paula Jones - had escorted her to Bill Clinton's hotel room. He was also named as a witness in the Paula Jones case.

Danny Ferguson's ex-wife Kathy Ferguson was found dead on the sofa of her apartment on May 10, 1994. The police report claims she had put a gun to her head and pulled the trigger. The report further cites a “farewell letter, obviously written by the deceased herself“ which lay next to her and in which she had described relationship problems with her boyfriend Bill Shelton. The note was never officially verified with her actual handwriting.

A semi-automatic .380 caliber gun (built by Arcadia Machine Tool in California) was found on the floor not far from her left hand, and which she reported to have taken from her boyfriend Bill Shelton. A bullet shell was found at the left end of the sofa next to the right-handed woman in an ashtray, the corresponding bullet itself was found in the ceiling to her upper left side.

It was a lead bullet .38 caliber. Certain lead bullets and their shells can not be used in semi-automatic firearms. Conic-shaped cartridges - like one belonging to the found .38 caliber bullet and shell - would block the loading mechanism of a semi-automatic handgun at the barrel.

A neighbor is said to have clearly heard from a police officer in a clear line of sight and hearing that the death of Kathy “was definitely murder. No chance that the bullet would end up in the ceiling in that angle“.

Some of the visitors at the funeral reported a large padded hole on the right side of Kathy’s skull, which went all the way down to the right eye. The left side of Kathy's skull seemed intact to several close friends - contrary to the official medical report.

Then, two weeks after the death of Kathy Ferguson, her boyfriend Bill Shelton was found dead in front of Kathy’s grave. The police officer allegedly killed himself because of a depression according to the police report, this with a shot in the head behind the ear. Next to his dead body lay note with the words: "I cannot stand it any longer".

Kathy once made a notarized statement to a Dr. Samuel Henson saying that she “wished to not know that much about the methods of the Arkansas State Troopers, and those of her ex-husband Danny Ferguson.“

By the way, the Paula Jones case ended with an out-of-court settlement in 1998. Bill Clinton paid $850,000 US Dollar.

Kathy Shelton

Around twenty years prior to the death of Kathy Ferguson and Bill Shelton, a 12 year-old girl named Kathy Shelton was brutally raped by 41-year-old factory worker Thomas Taylor in Springdale, Arkansas.

The evidence was overwhelming, laboratory results had found Taylor's semen mixed with Kathy's blood in his underwear. Kathy had been unconscious for a while after the rape, and had to be stitched multiple times in her genital areas at the hospital. The medical doctors told her she could never have children.

On May 13, 1975, Thomas Taylor is charged by the State of Arkansas with first degree rape, punishable with up to 30 years in prison.

Taylor is assigned an attorney but demands a female defense lawyer. Shortly after he gets one in the person of no other than 27-year-old Hillary Rodham Clinton. She later claimed in contradictory statements that she took on the case because she either (a) “would do it as a favor [to the prosecutor]“, or (b) “was ordered by the judge against her will to take on the case“.

Since the investigative laboratory cuts out the findings from Kathy's underwear and throws them away after the examination (!), Clinton travels to New York to present the cloth to a famous forensic expert. He states that the few remaining underwear traces would not be sufficient to perform an appropriate defense team analysis. Back in Arkansas, Hillary Clinton presents these judgements along with the almost-nobel-price-awarded resume of the New York-based expert to the local prosecutor's office. Impressed by these findings, the prosecutors enter into plea bargaining.

Although Kathy Shelton, raised by a single mother, was beaten several times with Taylor's fist during the rape, Hillary Clinton brings in a number of psychological evaluators and accuses the 12-year-old of having “a tendency to seek out older men and engage in fantasizing“, and that “children in early adolescence tend to exaggerate or romanticize sexual experiences“, especially “adolescents with disorganized families“ such as Kathy Shelton's, Clinton claimed.

The audio recordings of Hillary Clinton's interview with a reporter from the 1980s regarding the case are worth listening to.

Thomas Taylor's charges were reduced to unlawful fondling of a minor. He was sentenced to one year in prison, but served only two months.

Barbara Wise and Charles Meissner

Department of Commerce employee Barbara Wise worked under Ron Brown until her boss' death, and herself was found dead in her locked office in Washington, DC on November 29, 1996. The examination revealed that she had severe wounds and bruisings over her entire body from head to hip, and was brutally beaten up.

Questionable in the context of the death of Barbara Wise is the person John Huang, party donation manager for the Democrats in the US. He was initially hired by Ron Brown and was given security clearance for the Department of Commerce. Even after Huang officially continued to work only as a donation manager for the Democratic party, he had a contract with the Director of International Economic Policy of the Department of Commerce, Charles Meissner, and was granted access to confidential information. Charles Meissner died with Ron Brown in April 1996 in the plane crash in Bosnia.

A US-Congress report dating June 23, 1999 shines more light on the “National Security Scandal of Clintons and its Cover-Up“. Among other things, connections between John Huang and the Clintons are mentioned on page 2. Another US Congress report from 1998 details a sell-out of technology to China as well. One month prior to this report, the US Congress had already warned about these issues. The name Loral Corporation keeps appearing in these reports, a company that - according to congressional claims - acted as a mediator of unlawful technology transfer, while at the same time being a generous donor to the Democrats.

The reasons for the murder of Barbara Wise have never been revealed, nor is there any explanation as to why she had been brutally beaten. Apparently, no cameras of the entire building recorded any of the happenings that day or night, according to statements from investigators.

Bill Clinton interrupts his vacation in Camp David the morning Barbara Wise was found dead, enters the presidential helicopter 'Marine One' and flies to Washington, DC.

A reporter who notices Bill Clinton's disappearing immediately asks why the president would be interrupting his vacation. Press Secretary Mike McCurry answers on the spot:

“The President's inauguration speech [1997, second term] must be completed by Monday [it's the end of November 1996]. Mr. Clinton needs some books for research, for example some poems. He decided to fly back to Washington in order to pick these books.“

When asked by the reporter if the transport of these books could not be done in a more economic way, the Press Secretary replied: “Sure...“

Ed Willey

Lawyer Ed Willey, son of a prominent senator from Virginia, was found dead on November 29, 1993 in the woods of King and Queen County, Virginia. He had killed himself with a pistol shot into his mouth, according to the police report.

Gun powder was found only on the right hand of the left-handed Ed Willey, the position of his hands did not support a suicide theory at all, a bullet could not be located, and the gravitational, reddish coloration of the skin and underlying body cells (livor mortis) - and which starts to occur about 30 minutes after death - was visible only on the back side of Ed Wiley’s body who was found with his face and stomach lying towards the ground.

Letters were found in Ed Willey's desk that told a story of money shortage, hundreds of thousands of US dollars which had to be paid “to bad people“.

Almost at exactly the same time of Ed Willey's death, his wife Kathleen Willey met with US President Bill Clinton at the White House. Kathleen worked as a volunteer there and asked the President for a paid job in light of her and her husband's financial problems.

But the meeting turned out to be very different than expected. According to her statements for example in the CBS television show '60 Minutes' from March 15, 1998, the US President sexually harassed her. She claims Bill Clinton had physically constrained her, and asked to engage in intimate physical contact. Bill Clinton denied such attempts.

Vince Foster

The prominent legal adviser to the US-President had just like Bill Clinton himself worked in the White House, and was found dead outside of Washington, DC on July 20, 1993 at Fort Macy Park, Virginia. Six different investigators came to the conclusion that it had been suicide by a pistol shot into his mouth.

Vince Foster allegedly suffered from depression and took strong antidepressants according to the official investigational reports - a claim rejected by many people who knew him personally. A letter was found in his pocket, which was torn into 27 pieces, and in which the well-known lawyer allegedly wrote the following:

“The WSJ editors lie without consequence. I was not meant for the job or the spotlight of public life in Washington [DC]. Here ruining people is considered sport.“

The FBI was unable to locate Vince Foster's fingerprints on the letter and a handwriting expert from Oxford stated that the writings would be an 'obvious' fraud. A bullet was never found, and also not Foster's fingerprints on the revolver he had allegedly utilized. Even though Vince Foster was found lying on the ground and far away from his car, the criminal examination found no traces of dirt on his shoes.

In 1994, Kenneth Starr is called to join the investigation. He had been instrumental in investigating the Clinton's for example in their famous 'Whitewater' scandal before. After Starr takes over the investigation, a prosecutor named Miquel Rodriguez quits his job claiming that Kenneth Starr would cover up the truth of Vince Foster's death.

Stanley Heard and Steve Dickson

Steve Dickson, lawyer and close advisor to Bill Clinton, and Stanley Dickson, Bill Clinton's advisor during his time as governor in Arkansas - both supporters of the US Democrats - died on September 10, 1993 in a small airplane crash.

Stanley Heard was a chiropractor from Hot Springs, Arkansas and a good friend of Bill Clinton since 1978. Dr. Heard also took care of Bill Clinton's mother, brother, and stepfather in terms of chiropractic matters. He was chairman of the National Health Committee of Chiropractors and part of Hillary Clinton's 'Health Task Force' team. Steve Dickson had been a consultant to the Society of Chiropractors in Kansas.

The original journey of the two began in Topeka. On their way to Washington, DC the plane caught fire. They could land safely in St. Louis, were both able to get off the plane, left it for repair work in St. Louis and took a few hours later another plane, and with which both wanted to continue to fly to Washington, DC.

Minutes after takeoff with this second small-engined plane, pilot Dickson reported to Dulles Airport that there would be another fire on board.

Air traffic control ordered them to land on a private runway owned by a well-known horse breeder and philanthropist in Rokeby, Virginia, an area with some of the wealthiest US Americans.

Six miles south of this landing facility the plane hit a tree first, and then exploded as it struck a lamp post. The bodies were unrecognizably burned. They were identified according to paper documents which were found nearby.

The NTSB investigational report identified problems with the aircraft exhaust system as the cause of the crash, as well as an "insufficiently performed annual inspection" and which was performed approximately three hours before the second aircraft's departure. The NTSB further reported that two exhaust parts of the aircraft had loosened due to a missing clamp, allowing hot gases to enter the engine compartment.

The same morning, they both attended a meeting to discuss health plans with the new Clinton administration.

About two and a half hours after Heard and Dickson's plane crash another small-engine plane accident occured only 60 miles away and where two people died as well.

Kevin Ives and Donald Henry

A murder of two teenagers during Bill Clinton's time as Governor of Arkansas raises another multitude of questions.

16-year-old Kevin Ives and his 17-year-old friend Donald Henry were both run over by a large freight train on August 23, 1987 in Little Rock, Arkansas.

Both teenagers lay motionless on the train tracks covered with a green blanket as the train rolled on. The train driver tried to immediately break when he noticed the two bodies lying next to each other, but it did not help. The train dragged the two bodies for almost half a mile before it finally came to a stop.

A medical expert named Fahmy Malak, officially appointed by the state of Arkansas during Bill Clinton's first term as Governor of Arkansas initially found that the two teenagers were in a deep sleep on the train tracks, and under the heavy influence of marijuana. Therefore, this incident should be classified as a fatal accident and not murder.

When a few days later the parents of the two teenagers and popular students from Little Rock High School held a press conference which received a lot of media attention throughout all of Arkansas, an official investigation was ordered by a court from the neighboring Saline County.

The two bodies were examined again by medical doctors from outside of Arkansas, and who found that Donald Henry had been stabbed in the back with a knife before his death, and that Kevin Ives had been beaten with a rifle butt.

The initial report from Fahmy Malak stated that the two had smoked at least 20 joints of marijuana - now it was discovered that if at all no more than a maximum of three joints could have been inhaled by the two teenagers. In his testimony to the court, the neutral physician Joseph Burton from Atlanta stated that "Kevin and Donald were either paralyzed, knocked unconscious, or possibly killed, the two bodies were then placed on the tracks, and the train ran over them". In September 1988 the court ruled "the case is definitely to be considered a murder".

Federal US State Attorneys tuned in and started to investigate the location of the murder. The two boys told their parents during the night from Saturday to Sunday on August 22/23, 1987 that they would go hunting - as usual in the areas along the train tracks near Henry's home. At about 0.15 AM the two said goodbye to Donald Henry's father, and who recalls to have reminded them to be careful.

About three hours later Kevin and Donald lay unconsciously on the train tracks, covered with a green blanket.

Another court investigation found that the area where Donald and Kevin were murdered had been a well-known location for the delivery of drugs. Small-engine airplanes flew over the area around the railroad tracks and would drop their packages from the air.

Kevin Ives' mother said in 1996:

“I am convinced that my son and Don Henry were killed because they saw how illegal drugs were dropped off an airplane. Everything else does not make any sense considering all the events that night.“

John Hillyer, Victor and Montgomery Raiser, Jerry Parks

Reporter and former NBC cameraman John Hillyer worked on a documentary about drug trafficking in Mena, Arkansas at the time Bill Clinton was governor to the state.

Mena, a small region in the south-west of Arkansas became famous in the mid-1980s, when it was discovered that CIA planes were loaded with guns there for the rebels in Nicaragua, and returned with several kilograms of mostly cocaine a few days later. This cocaine however would not be confiscated, but instead disappeared mysteriously. The events surrounding Barry Seal, one of the pilots hired by the CIA, were most recently put on display in the movie 'American Made' by the way.

When Hillyer and his associates were confronted with questionable acts by the local authorities, they opened a small office in Little Rock where they would meet other journalists and conducted interviews. According to one of Hillyer's coworkers, dealing with the authorities in Arkansas was like being engaged in "some sort of banana republic run by a dictator."

Hillyer and his team found out that a close friend of the Clintons named Dan Lasater had acquired a ski resort in New Mexico in 1984, and which would later be accused by US Customs as a location for drug trafficking and money laundering. Dan Lasater was trialed during those days for illegally giving away cocaine to the public for free (!). The testimony from Dan Lasater's appearance at the Senate Whitewater Hearings regarding this incident are quite interesting:

Hillyer wanted to interview Victor Raiser, Vice Chairman of Bill Clinton's presidential campaign, and Chief Financial Officer of the Democratic National Committee, one of Bill Clinton's most trusted associates. But an interview could not be realized, because on July 30, 1992 Victor Raiser and his son Montgomery were killed in a plane crash.

John Hillyer and his associates were also introduced to Jerry Parks, a security guard who had worked for Bill Clinton, and who was killed on September 23, 1993 by a row of gun shots from a car appearing next to him - on behalf of his ex-wife, as was found out years later.

Hillyer was able to finish his documentary and moved to Atlanta, and from where he would call one of his co-workers in 1996, telling him that he had new information and which needed to be included in the video.

A meeting was scheduled but which never took place because John Hillyer died of a heart attack three days after the phone call with his associate.

Seth Rich and Shawn Lucas

On July 10, 2016, Seth Rich, an employee of the Democratic National Committee (DNC) - Hillary Clinton's headquarters for her 2016 presidential campaign - was shot in Washington, DC on his way home from visiting his girl-friend.

The mother of Seth Rich said the following about the death of her son:

“There had been a fight. His hands are blue, his knees are blue, he was beaten in his face, and still he got two shots in the back, even though they did not take anything [no money or any other of his possessions].“

A surveillance camera recorded parts of the murder scene and on which a leg of Seth and two men can be seen.

In January 2017 several advertisements were placed throughout the region, promoting monetary rewards for information on Seth Rich's murder. All in all, around 300.000 US Dollar have been promised to anyone who can help solving the case. Among the people offering rewards is Wikileaks founder Julian Assange.

Another worker related to the DNC, Shawn Lucas, was found dead in his bathroom on August 2, 2016 - about a month after Seth Rich's murder.

Lucas, then age 38 and employee of One Source Process, Inc. had been appointed on June 28 - only a few weeks prior to his death - to serve as a legal advisor for a number of Bernie Sanders supporters, and who intended to file a lawsuit against the DNC leadership regarding their alleged favor of Hillary Clinton over opponent Sanders.

The plaintiffs contacted the firm One Source Process, Inc. and which selected Shawn Lucas. He and another representative named Brandon Yoshimura served the DNC and went there on July 2nd, 2016. They both met briefly with DNC employee Rebecca Herries and tried to hand over legal documents regarding their election fraud lawsuit.

A few weeks later, Shawn was found dead in his bathroom. He died of an overdose of fentanyl, a narcotic drug fifty to one hundred times stronger than morphine, and cyclobenzaprin, a muscle relaxation drug. Both opioids cannot be found in relaxation drinks and are highly unusual in that combination.

Lucas was practicing martial arts and had been to Jiu-Jitsu trainings in Brazil.

Shawn was happy for having been selected for the assignment at the DNC, and even posted a video on YouTube with the title 'You got served !'

According to the website of One Source Process:

“Before hired, our process servers receive an extensive background check followed by a training program designed to put each of our employees in the best position to exceed client standards.“

Shawn Lucas parents said the following after they found out about the death of their son: “He was a young man and in good shape ... these are the sort of things that happen, when people in good health suddenly die.“

Susan Coleman

Susan Coleman was pregnant at the time of her death on February 15, 1977, and was rumored to have an alleged relationship with Bill Clinton during his time as Attorney General of Arkansas, a claim that Bill Clinton fully denies.

She was a law student attending Bill Clinton's lectures at the University of Arkansas, Fayetteville, and died from a gunshot in the back of her head which was considered a suicide by the local authorities.

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