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From Washington with Love
About an American indictment and the Church in England
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From Washington with Love

The phrase 'hocus pocus' is certainly known to many. It was used for the first time at the beginning of the seventeenth century in the English language space, most likely referring to the Roman-Catholic church mass sentence "hoc est corpus meum", which is spoken by priests shortly before the handout of the Catholic bread until today. After the church in England split from Rome in 1531, the entire phrase was soon pronounced only as 'hocus'. Several centuries later, the word further shortened into 'hoax', which is widely used in the English-speaking world nowadays. Quite possible that the word gained importance over the centuries because of its religious-historical context: hocus-pocus or hoax refers to a magic trick, which the initially astonished spectator usually joyfully recognizes as a blatant fraud after some consideration and reflection.


In a not so unsimilar way, Hillary Clinton's political campaign, half the U.S. government and most of the mass media seem to have set out from 2016 on to convince the global community in a gigantic world-wide hoax that Clinton's opponent Donald Trump could have only been able to win the 2016 US election because he was an agent and spy of Russia's government.

This was primarily justified with so-called 'secret insider information' from Russia,
Steele was hired by political consulting firm Fusion GPS to compile the pages, which was paid by law firm Perkins Coie, which in turn received several million US dollars from Hillary Clinton's political campaign.
which were used to spy on Trump's political campaign before and after the 2016 election with official support and participation of the FBI. Only a few weeks after the new US president was sworn-in in January 2017, a special counsel was appointed on the basis of these secret insider information with great fanfare, and given powerful legal powers. With the help of most of the global mainstream media, this special counsel tried to let the world directly and indirectly know for about two years that Donald Trump, his family members and several of his associates were in fact paid agents and in bed with half the Russian Kremlin government.

What followed in the US political landscape from 2017 until at least 2020 reminds to Umberto Eco's famous medieval church-monastery crime novel "The Name of the Rose", filmed with participation of Sean Connery by the way. Innocent Trump associates were persecuted and prosecuted by the FBI without much justification. The special counsel appointed 19 lawyers, 40 FBI agents, issued more than 2800 subpoenas, 500 search warrants, 13 inquiries to foreign governments and carried out more than 500 witness interviews, only to announce in mid 2019 that zero Russian connections of the US president worthy to be prosecuted could have been identified whatsoever. Only a few weeks later, the newly elected president of Ukraine Zelenskiy was dragged into the mess as well. Following his publicly published, approximately 20-minute phone conversation with Trump, impeachment proceedings were initiated by the US Democratic Party against their own Republican president,

Christopher Steele (abc News)
which also failed miserably.

It needed month-long investigations in the US Congress and US Senate to finally find out that these alleged secret insider information were those from an anti-Trump dossier, assembled by a former MI-6 spy from England named Christopher Steele. Steele was hired by a political consulting firm named 'Fusion GPS' to compile the pages, which was paid by law firm Perkins Coie, which in turn received several million US dollars from Hillary Clinton's political campaign DNC for the dossier.

Fast forward in October 2020, a prosecutor named Durham was appointed as Special Counsel to investigate the entire matter, and who indicted a Clinton lawyer named Sussmann a year later for making up the infamous Trump/Alfa-Bank collusion claims. In November 2021, Durham's US Department of Justice issued an interesting indictment against a person named Igor Danchenko, a Russian national who had been living in Washington, DC for many years. The indictment document contains a number of explosive revelations regarding the entire saga, which most mainstream media outlets seem to have missed out on so far:

The court document first states a number of incidents known previously about Igor Danchenko, for example that he was interrogated as early as January of 2017, which is when the FBI already came to the conclusion that Danchenko was an unreliable sub-source of Christopher Steele's many salacious dossier claims. The interesting part begins with page 5, where the indictment explains that Danchenko worked from 2005 on for 'Think-Tank I' in Washington, DC. That 'Think-Tank I' is most likely the political consulting firm Brookings Institution, where he was also

Fiona Hill (at MSC)
introduced to Christopher Steele in June 2010. A first contact between Danchenko and Steele was apparently arranged by Fiona Hill, a key witness in above mentioned impeachment proceedings against Trump. Shortly after being introduced by Fiona Hill, Danchenko was hired by Christopher Steele as a contractor and began working for him in 2011.

The indictment goes on to explain that starting June 2016, Christopher Steele used "information provided primarily by DANCHENKO", who "began to compile and draft the [dossier] containing purported evidence of
Danchenko was previously introduced to a certain 'PR Executive-I' person, who served as chairman of a national Democratic political organization, state chairman of former President Clinton's presidential campaigns, and an advisor to Hillary Clinton's 2008 campaign.
illicit ties between Trump and the Russian government. On or about July 5, 2016, [Steele] provided the first of the [dossier] Company Reports to an FBI agent overseas

Danchenko was previously introduced to a certain 'PR Executive-I' person, who, according to the indictment, "served as (1) chairman of a national Democratic political organization, (2) state chairman of former President Clinton's 1992 and 1996 presidential campaigns, and (3) an advisor to Hillary Clinton's 2008 Presidential campaign. Moreover, beginning in or about 1997, President Clinton appointed PR Executive-I to two four-year terms on an advisory commission at the U.S. State Department. With respect to the 2016 Clinton Campaign, PR Executive-I actively campaigned and participated in calls and events as a volunteer on behalf of Hillary Clinton".

Many believe this 'PR Executive-I' person to be longtime Clinton aide Charles H. Dolan Jr., who had previously been working for Russian state-owned energy companies and had handled their global PR strategies, where 'PR Executive-I' would also mingle with Kremlin government officials, including the

Charles H. Dolan Jr.
"Press Secretary of the Russian Presidential Administration, the Deputy Press Secretary, and others in the Russian Presidential Press Department".

The indictment goes on to explain how an organiser for 'PR Executive-I' planned an October 2016 conference in Moscow and a preparation trip in June 2016 to the exact same hotel that is also mentioned in the dossier. The June 2016 trip was most likely coordinated with two Russian Press Secretaries as well, who also appear in the dossier. Danchenko would meet Dolan and his organiser in Moscow on June 14, 2016. Three days later, Danchenko was back in London to report to his boss Christopher Steele, only to return to Moscow in October 2016 to participate in the conference.

During all these months, Danchenko was in contact with a sub-source, whom he knew from his childhood in Russia. That person is most likely Olga Galkina, a Russian national and PR manager who was located in Cyprus at the time. According to the indictment, Dolan would sent Galkina a Clinton-signed book gift and had promised to suggest her "for a position in the Russian Presidential Administration". In a September 2016 email, Galkina wrote that Charles Dolan would "take me to the [US] State Department if Hillary [Clinton] wins".

According to the indictment, Danchenko would take input from his trip to Moscow in June and October 2016 to assemble the dossier up until December of that year. He apparently also took some input from 'PR Executive-I', which Dolan in turn had gathered in meetings with Russian nationals, as various Danchenko emails cited in the indictment demonstrate. Some of these email lines match almost precisely with sentences from within the dossier.

I stand by the work we did, the sources that we had, and the professionalism which we applied to it. Trump himself doesn't like intelligence because its ground truth is inconvenient for him.

Christopher Steele in interview with abc News dated October 17, 2021

Hilariously noteworthy is some of what 'PR Executive-I' had explained Danchenko in emails regarding an alleged friend from the Republican Party ("a GOP friend of mine"), who Dolan had met in 2016 and who wanted to blow the whistle on Trump.
Similar things happened with dossier allegations regarding various Russian diplomats, Chiefs of Staff, Chamber Presidents: Danchenko and/or Dolan would have real life interactions with these persons and had either twisted or staged interactions for use in the dossier.
The indictment states that, quote: "[Dolan] later acknowledged to the FBI that he never met with a 'GOP friend' in relation to this information that he passed to DANCHENKO, but, rather, fabricated the fact of the meeting in his communications with DANCHENKO. PR Executive-I instead obtained the information about [GOP friend of mine] from public news sources".

Igor Danchenko
To escalate things into a quasi-religious climax and make things worse, Danchenko previously told the FBI in various official interviews that despite the fact that he had known 'PR Executive-I' for over 12 years, he allegedly had never even talked to Dolan about the dossier and had denied that 'PR Executive-I' was even "involved in the dossier at all".

The indictment continues to explain in great detail how Danchenko and 'PR Executive-I' were staying at the Moscow hotel, which was the place where Trump's dossier-alleged "sex acts with prostitutes" had taken place. Danchenko and Dolan received a hotel tour, met the general managers there in 2016 and were shown the presidential suite where Trump had stayed years before. Similar things happened with dossier allegations regarding various Russian diplomats, Chiefs of Staff, Chamber Presidents: Danchenko and/or Dolan would have real life interactions with these persons and had either twisted or staged interactions for use in the dossier.

The Durham November 2021 indictment finishes with explaining five legal charges in great detail. Only a few weeks later, Special Counsel Durham files a motion for a potential conflict of interest of lawyers at Danchenko's defending firm. In a US Department of Justice document dated December 17, 2021, a number of law firm entanglements with the Clintons - who had paid for the dossier - and their political campaign are criticised.

Early 2022 brings a number of additional bombshell revelations from another Durham motion into conflicts of interest regarding the October 2021 indictment of former DNC and Perkins Coie lawyer Michael Sussmann into light. Among others, Sussmann's partners at a tech firm had hijacked Trump's Internet addresses and analysed all communications of the former US president, this all while being paid by Clinton's DNC via Perkins Coie.

The money trail behind the dossier payments are worth taking a closer look at as well. Already in 2018 it was revealed that 7 to 10 alleged "wealthy donors located primarily in New York and California" funded an advisory firm named Penn Quarter Group, allegedly with "50 million US Dollars". PQG was led by Daniel Jones, a former staffer of US California Senator Diane Feinstein. The Penn Quarter Group, or PQG in short, had apparently secured services with Christopher Steele in 2016,

Daniel Jones
and had paid
According to their IRS tax statements from 2020, TDIP had transferred half a million $ to a company named Walsingham Partners, which is directed by Christopher Steele. 
him for "exposing foreign influence on Western elections".

Daniel Jones also ran another Washington DC based non-profit organisation called 'The Democracy Integrity Project', which, according to their IRS tax statements from 2020 (page 8), had transferred half a million US Dollars to a company named 'Walsingham Partners', which is directed by Christopher Steele himself. The IRS report lists another Washington DC company named Bean LLC, which was funded with 400,000 US Dollars by Jones' TDIP in 2020. That Bean LLC is the DC branch of a Delaware tax haven incorporated mother company with the same name, both are otherwise known as political consulting firm Fusion GPS.

Three years earlier in 2017, Jones' TDIP had paid with his January 31, 2017 founded organisation an accumulated total of 3.5 million US Dollars to the same Bean LLC and Walsingham Partners, according to TDIP's 2017 IRS tax documents (page 8).

TDIP also ran an extensive media-influence operation from Washington DC, providing journalists five times a week with Trump's alleged Russia collusion stories via a newsletter and had forwarded their reports to FBI and congressional investigators.

Maybe it would have been much better if England's church had never even joined Rome from the beginning.

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This article was entirely created and written by Martin D., an accredited and independent, investigative journalist from Europe. He holds an MBA from a US University and a Bachelor Degree in Information Systems and had worked early in his career as a consultant in the US and EU. He does not work for, does not consult, does not own shares in or receives funding from any corporation or organisation that would benefit from this article so far.

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