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from 2019

A Motion to Seal

About a judiciary supremacy that stinks to high heaven

It was a scandal then and is a scandal now

The Clinton E-Mails on unsecured computers

The hypnosis show up two

About a more than influencing German news program

A German Scream

Angela Pinocchio Merkel visiting the White House and more

Mario and the Magician

The German hypnotising news about the US-President

The Fifth Generation

About how mobile phones could turn into potential killer weapons

The Filternet

Meet the dumb EU filter by the name Phil

The Sue-gle Giant

About diverse practises of the Internet giant Google

An urgently needed Pope change

About pervert attitudes and productive dialogues

from 2018

The Congress Contempt

About a potential open door jail invitation

The Hezbollah-Democrats

A Bermuda triangle of Clinton IT, the Obama-Administration, and Hezbollah

A Chinese Dragon

About political interferences in the US from the far East

Merkel or not Merkel, that is here the question, Israel

The shocking anti-semitism of Europes political elites

The Democratic Neglection Committee

About an election robbery and a mysterious death

A Decisive Help

About a strategic help for a battled world and its confused leaders

Many, many small slaughterbots

About a dangerously real scenario

We only have to be wanting

About the limits of human will

For little knows my royal dame, that Rumpelstiltskin is my name

About Germany's secret, that ended being one

The Terror-Chancellery

About peaceful muslims in Germany and governmental stuntshows from Berlin

An image full of wonders

About stars, missing pigments, and digital 1600 pixel per square millimeter zooms

A Deafening Silence

About an expressive quietness of Pope Francis

from 2017

Make Women Great Again

About the never ending feminine manipulations from leftish politicians

I did not ask him what he meant by ´that thing´

Lies and falses from Washington, DC

That's when my character was made

How billionaire George Soros intends to save our civil societies

Looking-glass against the wall

Who is most unreflective of us all?

A Top Gun Year

An honest look back at the 2017 fake news media and US democrats tactics

A part of that power which eternally wills evil and eternally works good

About Barcelona, Charlottesville, Media-Mephistos and Chelsea Clinton

We are saying 'Merry Christmas' again

An according to Pope Francis only wall building 'un-christ', talking about the protection of religion


About the connection between Pope Francis and George Soros

A new way of becoming a celebrity

About how Pope Francis turned into an American Football fan

The women´s Vatican

About the feminine manipulations of the Vatican elites

What Pope-Posters from Rome teach us

About left-liberal church elites and their biased media

A tragic bishop from Munich

About A.I. and the church social romantics

Letter to Luther

Addressee unknown return to sender

A Poor Catholic Meal

About the empty bread basket on the other side of the street

Pilgrimage to Jerusalem

A short story on ecumenism

Hebrew or Greek ?

About the differences of two cultures

A Populism from Munich

About mental garbage from the German establishment

About big wave surfers and standing waves

How a Californian surfer almost died in Munich

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